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Accessibility statement


AJPES is committed to making the website accessible in accordance with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act, hereinafter referred to as the ZDSMA. (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, Nos. 30/18, 95/21 - ZInfV-A, 189/21 - ZDU-1M and 18/23 - ZDU-1O). This Accessibility Statement applies to the AJPES website, available at

Level of compliance

The AJPES website partially complies with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act. In order to ensure a positive user experience, we have followed the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1), which are divided into three levels of compliance: A, AA and AAA. AJPES aims to be at least AA compliant.

Accessibility services offered

The website, with the customisation provided by the system, allows:

  • to select the colour contrast (default/custom),
  • to select the font size (standard, double, triple),
  • partial navigation of the website with the keyboard,
  • programmatic recognition of the language of the website,
  • descriptive links,
  • users to navigate using a keyboard, search for content and find out where they are on the site,
  • access to online forms,
  • optimisation for specific readers,
  • for the display of a table of contents and a contact form,
  • for responsive design - the layout of the content adapts to the resolution of the screen,
  • content to be displayed using user-friendly technologies (e.g. screen readers, braille),
  • predictable website performance,
  • the use of different levels of headings,
  • to see where you are on the website (99% breadcrumb).

AJPES is committed to ensuring that the functionality of the portal, including accessibility services, remains intact in all recent (supported) browsers. For the best user experience, we recommend the use of Chrome-based browsers (Chrome, Edge, Brave, Vivaldi).

Inaccessible content

The accessibility of the AJPES website is constantly monitored and individual accessibility elements are continuously improved. However, some published content and web applications do not meet all the accessibility requirements set out in the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Apps Act.

Content that is inaccessible due to disproportionate burden:

- certain documents and forms (designed for completion) in Adobe PDF or Word format,

- photographs, videos and graphics on websites are not accompanied by descriptions or alternative text,

- the website does not support the use of sign language,

- the structure of tables and headings is not always optimal,

- some software generated documents.

The lack of the ability to select different contrast schemes can be at least partially overcome by using features built into some browsers, such as “read aloud” (accessed via icon Ikona za glasno branje Edge in Edge) and a special view for reading content - the “immersive reader” or “reading view” (accessible via icons Ikona za bralni pogled preko ikone Edge(Edge) Ikona za bralni pogled preko ikone Firefox (Firefox), Ikona za bralni pogled preko ikone Opera(Opera)).

In addition to a wide range of content, the AJPES website also offers the use of various web applications. The information services of the website are linked to various back-office systems of AJPES, services of national authorities, EU institutions and companies. Due to the number and complexity of back-end connections and the frequent changes in content, the adaptation of all web applications would, according to the self-assessment, represent a disproportionate burden, especially in terms of the significant financial implications incurred and the availability of human resources required by AJPES. In the future, AJPES plans to redesign the portal, and will endeavour to comply with the ZDSMA as much as possible.

Preparation of the Accessibility Statement

This Statement was prepared on 30 March 2021, in accordance with the methodology referred to in the first indent of Article 3(1)(a) of the Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2018/1523 of 11 October 2018 - Self-assessment done by the public sector body. The Statement was last reviewed and updated on 15 June 2023.

Feedback and contact details

We would like to hear from you about your experience of the website. We also try to accommodate your requests for any additional adjustments to the website and to provide you with alternative sources of access.

Please contact us about any instances of content that does not comply with the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Apps Act, requests for information about the content of the website, and other information that is not published in an accessible form in accordance with the disproportionate burden assessment:

-  by e-mail: hmen?`iodr-rh,

-  or by using the contact form.

We will respond to the notification or request within 8 days of receiving it. If we are unable to provide a reasonable response within this timeframe, given the content requested, we will let you know when a response will be provided and the reasons for the delay.

The Information Society Inspectorate monitors the implementation of Articles 5 to 8 of the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act.

Enforcement procedure

In the event of an unsatisfactory response to a notice or request sent under Article 8 of the Accessibility of Websites and Mobile Applications Act, you may lodge a complaint with the Information Society Inspectorate.


Ministry of Digital Transformation

Information Society Inspectorate of the Republic of Slovenia

Davčna ulica 1

1000 Ljubljana



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