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Business Registers Interconnection System

As part of business register management, AJPES ensure integration with the Business Registers Interconnection System (BRIS) as required by the Directive 2012/17/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the interconnection of central, commercial, and companies registers.

The purpose of BRIS is to improve cross-border access to business information on companies and their branches opened in other Member States through:

  • electronic communication between registers;
  • the transmission of information to individual users in a standardised way throughout the EU;
  • by means of identical content and interoperable technologies.

BRIS simplifies and automates the communication channels used by business registers to exchange data on companies, their cross-border mergers, and the data on branches with registered offices in other EU countries. The BRIS system reduces the administrative costs incurred by companies in cross-border merger procedures and improves collaboration between the business registers of Member States, thereby ensuring that these registers have at their disposal data that is timely and more accurate.


BRIS helps overcome language barriers and enhances legal certainty by improving the reliability of data in business registers and standardising data exchange procedures.

 AJPES as the business register manager provides access to data and documents on the companies listed in the Slovenian Business Register through the »Find a company« section of the European e-Justice Portal.

 With the BRIS project, AJPES successfully applied for the call »CEF Telecom 2016 - BRIS« of the Innovation and Networks Executive Agency, and obtained a European Union grant for development.


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